Building Planning And Desigining. what shoud do?

BUILDING PLANNING & DESIGN INTRODUCTION AND OBJECT OF BUILDING PLANNING AND DESIGN:- Food, shelter and cloths are the three main essential necessities of the people of which we the Civil Engineers have to participate in the need of shelter i.e. residential building planning. We carry out this project to provide economical and need oriented house […]

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Introduction about Self Compacting Concrete

Introduction about Self Compacting Concrete introduction of  is Self – compacting concrete (SCC) is a fluid mixture, which is suitable for placing difficult conditions and also in congested reinforcement, without vibration. In principle, a self – compacting or self – consolidating concrete must have a fluidity that allows self – compaction without external energy remain […]

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self compacting concrete

Self compacting concrete Civil Engineering project

Self compacting concrete was first developed 1988 in order to achieve durable concrete structures. Since then, various investigations have been carried out and the concrete has been used in practical structures in Japan, mainly by large construction companies. Investigations for establishing a rational mix-design method and self-compact ability testing methods have been carried out to […]

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Operation for wast water treatment Civil Engineering project

The wast water treatment depends upon the impurities present. The impurities present are physical chemical and biological impurities and accordingly treatments given to the wastewater are physical, chemical and biological treatments. Showing types of wast water treatment based on the impurities In the above table the screen, clarifiers grit chamber are all physical treatment units because […]

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design period

Design period of sewage treatment plant civil project

Sewerage projects may be design period normally to meet the requirements over a thirty year period after their completion. The period between design and completion should also be taken into account which should be between three to six years depending on the type and size of the project. The thirty year period may however be […]

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Sewage treatment plant project of Civil Engineering

REQUIREMENT OF SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT Clean water is one of our most precious natural resources. Yet every time we flush a toilet, pour oil down the drain or clean with strong household chemicals, we contaminate that resource. Before wastewater can be safely released back into our waterways, it must first be adequately treated. That typical […]

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