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How to create GST invoice using mobile application


How to create GST invoice using mobile application

Hello friends, in a modern Days the use of mobile phone is suddenly very increase. and we are know the price of mobile phone is very economical as compare to laptop or personal computer. and in other hand we have require some portable devices for creating GST invoice. so we do not use laptop or personal computer. so i will introduce to you about this type of mobile application which name is ” VYAPAR – GST inovoicing billing accounting inventors”. so lat’s start from the basic introducation and get start.

How to Get Start

First for download the GST invoice application go to google play stor and search VYAPAR GST and download & install the application in your mobile. otherwise click on the link provided below and download the application.

For download this application click hear

After download The application get start the application. This application requires some permission for use of this application. So click on allow button and provide permission. After it click on get start button.

GST INVOICE Company setup

First of all provide your business name in business name column. Provide your current mobile number in a column of phone number and provide your accurate Email id in email column.

Then after in the column of referral code type K2020 and get 50 rupees discount.

Now click on next button and select your country. If you belong from India no change is required. Now select currency symbol and select the business type like whole sale, retail, other, any from match your business profile. And select the date formate DD/MM/YYYY.

If you sell only product select product. if you provide services only then select service.  And if your business is combine type then select product and service.

Now in the features your use column select with your requirement otherwise you may sellect all from it and click on done button.

gst invoice system


to create your bill or GST INVOICE you may create party for eassy use of this software or application. so give detail describe below.

  1. first click on add party button in the application.
  2.  party name or store name of customer.
  3.  mobile number of party.
  4.  group name if you want to create party with group or perticular area.
  5. party gst detail.
  6.  party address.
  7. select state.
  8. provide party email address.
  9. add shipping address of party or customer.
  10. add party current balance.
  11. select receivable if you want to recive payment from party.
  12. select date of party account opeaning.
  13. and click on save button..

Add items in GST Invoice system.

For add item in this system click on item button and click on (+) symbol.

add item

In item name cell write item name and select unit of item from select unit button

In the next column write item code or barcode of item.


Write sale price of item and select percent of tax.

In purchase price column write purchase price of item.

Now click on save button.

Add your all item by this stapes.

Create GST Invoice

For creating GST Invoice click on transaction button. This button is shown in image.


Now for creating GST Invoice of sale click on sale button shown as image.


If you want to sale by cash click on cash sale button and enable this button.

cash sale

Now in name cell write party name or costumer name which you add in party list. If you do not want to add party simply add in cash and write cash in name cell.

In display name cell write party original name or costumer name which is display in GST Invoice.

Date and invoice number are by default it’s today’s date and sequence number of invoice. It is change by simply click on it.

Now click on item detail and click on add row. Then new tab is open. In this tab write product name. and write quantity of product. The price and tax will be automatically fill by your item data. And the total amount will show. For add new iteam click on save & new button and for save invoice product click on save button.

Now in received amount column write received amount from costumer.

If the payment is made in cash select cash button and if the payment is made by check select cheque button.

Now click on round off button

And finally click on save button.

After click on save button GST Invoice is created.

For preview the invoice clicks on eye button and for print this invoice click on print button.

In this system some other features like share invoice is also available.


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